Cancer screening saves lives. And people are more likely to get screened if their doctor recommends it. That’s why Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana and The Louisiana Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (LCCRT) recently recognized 22 Quality Blue Primary Care primary care doctors who screened 80% or more of their eligible patients for colorectal cancer between September 1, 2016 and September 1, 2017.

The doctors achieving 80% or more colorectal cancer screening rates included:

                Sally Ball                               Willis-Knighton Physician Network

                Jennifer Bertsch                               WJPQA-Touro-Crescent City Physicians

                Gayle Beyl                           North Oaks Physician Group

                Theodore Borgman         WJPQA-Touro-Crescent City Physicians

                Mark Brown                       Shreveport Internal Medicine

                Todd Burstain                    Ochsner

                Michael Casey                   Northshore Family Medical Center

                Marion Cash                       The Family Doctors

                Wartelle Castille               Health Leaders Network

                Jewell Crockett                 Baton Rouge Clinic

                Bertha Daniels                   WPJQA-WJMC-West Jeff Employed Clinics

                Eugenia Gary                     Ochsner

                Ashley Guy                         Health Leaders Network

                Charles Haliburton           Health Leaders Network

                Ricky Jones                         The Family Doctors

                John Kokemor                   WJPQA-Touro-Louapre; Kokemor, Sarrat & Braedt

                Meredith Maxwell           WJPQA-Touro-Crescent City Physicians

                Aarti Pais                             WJPQA-Touro-Crescent City Physicians

                Theresa Rinderle              The Family Doctors

                Andrew Siegel                   WJPQA-Touro-Crescent City Physicians

                Vincent Tumminello        Baton Rouge Clinic

                J. David West                     Baton Rouge Clinic


These doctors are making great strides in helping lower Louisiana’s high (4th) colorectal cancer death rate. The easiest way to prevent and stop colorectal cancer is through regular screenings which can catch pre-cancerous polyps and/or early stage disease. That’s why health experts recommend people 50 and over start getting regular colorectal cancer screenings and why an 80% screening rate of people 50 and over has been set nationally – and why doctors play such an important role.

As Keith Winfrey, NOELA Community Health Center Chief medical officer and Louisiana Colorectal Cancer Roundtable co-chair said, “A physician’s recommendation is the most influential factor on the cancer screening behavior of patients.” He further commended these 22 physicians for “raising awareness of the need for colorectal cancer screening among their patients and for achieving such high screening rates.”


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By Kaitlin Sylvester

Health Systems Manager, American Cancer Society

AuthorJoseph Gautier