Program Staff


Our staff is a team of highly capable individuals dedicated to the fight against cancer. 

Donna Williams, DrPH
LCP Program Director
(504) 568-5875


Amanda Crosbie, MPH
LCP Program Evalutor
(504) 568-5879


Mack Giancola, MPH
Manager Of Service Area
(504) 568-5878



Nannozi Ssenkoloto, MPH
LBCHP Program Manager
(504) 568-5846


Rhonda Edwards, CSW,CPN
LBCHP Information Coordinator
(504) 568-5875


Laura Ricks, MPH
LCP Promotions & Dissemination Manager
(504) 568-5877



Colleen Huard, MPH
LCCCP Program Manager
(504) 568-5893


Dana R. Feist, MEd, CHES
LBCHP Patient Care Coordinator
LCCCP Region 1 Implementation Coordinator
(504) 568-5894

Helen McMillan, MSW
SurviveDAT Project Coordinator
(504) 568-5858